I had the pleasure of working with Chris when I needed a way to commemorate a huge transition in my life. Chris designed and facilitated a medicine walk for me as a way to say goodbye to an intense 30-year career and prepare for repurposing my life. His knowledge of multiple disciplines and the healing powers of nature helped create a safe space for me to experience exactly what I needed. I left our session feeling lighthearted and ready for whatever comes next. I have raved about the experience to my friends who are experiencing similar life transitions. In addition to the medicine walk, he led my son and me on an amazing forest bathing experience. It was wonderful. I highly recommend his work.

Paige Flink, Dallas, TX

Chris was an incredible guide through the Vision Quest where I came to several new understandings, awareness, and intentions. His integrity, persistence and foresight made this a great retreat for me.

Rich Schrader, Santa Fe, NM

I attended my first vision quest with Chris Chappell as one of the guides in June of 2010. I appreciated his deep and rich knowledge of the woods and wilderness and his willingness to share his knowledge. Chris placed high regard for our safety and honoring of the vision quest process. …I felt held in the medicine wheel and various ceremonies that were completed either before or after our solo time. Chris helped to provide a strong container for me and others to have very individual and powerful experiences during our eight-day vision quest. I highly recommend him to you as a guide in your vision questing.

Melody, Gig Harbor, WA

Chris is a caring and responsive facilitator of meditation and non-violent communication methodologies. He has nourished a climate of caring in our co-housing community.

AW, Santa Fe, NM

Chris is conscientious and thoughtful. As a mindfulness meditation instructor, he made sure that each of his students understood the material he prepared for us and had a clear understanding of what mindfulness meditation was about. He gave generously of his time and attention.

Erica Elliott, MD., Santa Fe, NM

I was fortunate to be in the vipassana [mindfulness] meditation training and I was so impressed and grateful…. Your sensitivity and patience with each of us was wonderful– your way of encouraging me, for example, when I got discouraged about ‘meditating right’. You conducted the classes in such a giving way, Chris. Thank you!! Your NVC [Nonviolent Communication] workshop was done so well I just had to skip folk dancing for six weeks! And it was worth it. Thank you for the clarity, sensitivity and patience with which you taught NVC. I only wished for more training from you! You are a really fine teacher with knowledge [and] a special way of interacting and encouraging us students.

MY, Santa Fe, NM

I really appreciate having taken your meditation class, Chris. I feel so relaxed when I sit, and I am really able to put negative thoughts and lists of things to do, etc. out of my head. You taught me the basic tools to get there. Thank you.

KR, Santa Fe, NM

From the first meeting Chris provided a safe space within which to explore mindfulness meditation… I became aware of the many opportunities daily life presents to become mindful. The course showed me how to become a witness to life. The practice allowed me to see that it is possible to respond to life and not just react to it. This is such a powerful perspective!… Bringing presence to what I normally experience as emotionally painful, for example, has been transformative. I have benefited greatly from the course. I now allow acceptance and awareness to be part of my life experience–truly priceless gifts indeed. It has truly been a privilege to work with Chris.

BG, Santa Fe, NM

Teachers and Colleagues

Chris has the ability to create rapport with his clients immediately. His clients like and respect him. Chris’s warmth, compassion, and clarity create a collaborative atmosphere in which clients feel safe to discuss their issues and work towards healing. Chris is dynamic and articulate. His work with clients is exemplary. One of his many gifts is his profound love of wilderness and ceremony in the healing process, especially the ceremony of Vision Quest. It has been a great joy to work with Chris in clinical settings and in Nature.

Carol Parker, PhD LPCC, former Director of Counseling and Ecopsychology Programs at Southwestern College, owner Sacred Land Journeys, Santa Fe, NM

Chris easily distinguished himself at Southwestern College, among both faculty and student colleagues. His depth, life experiences, capacity and willingness to self-reflect and act in the interest of the collective are all qualities not readily found these days. He is a natural Therapist/Healer/Helper/Transformational Agent…. I recommend Chris without reservation.

James Nolan, PhD, Psychologist, former President, Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM

Chris worked at Solace Crisis Treatment Center as a bilingual therapist. His work with people in crisis was outstanding.

Kim Perrier, LPCC LPAT ATR, Awake and Aware LLC, Albuquerque, NM

Christopher is an extremely thoughtful and competent counselor. Always professional and caring, his clients thought highly of his expertise and dedication.

Heather Wulfers, LCPC, Institute for Personal Development, Milwaukee, WI

In Group Dynamics, Chris displayed a high degree of emotional intelligence, a willingness to take risks, exemplary therapeutic presence and compassion, and a remarkable equanimity and calm in the face of group turbulence. When Chris intervened in group process, his interventions were consistently skillful and were often noticed and appreciated by his fellow students. His facilitation was similarly outstanding.

Antonio Nunez, PhD, former Academic Dean and faculty, Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM

Christopher is a well-trained therapist that I recommend highly.

Constance Buck, PhD, former core faculty, Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM